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I walk around the Fellowship Hall hearing bits of faith as they hang in the air from the small group discussions. It is the answer to a pastorís prayer. - Rev. Susan Langhauser - Advent Lutheran - Olathe, KS

Bible Song + About

Praising God with arts and hands and voices™.

Bible Song

Bible Song is the best brain based curriculum for capturing the hearts of kids with the love of God. And it works in every kind of setting- traditional classrooms, rotational, multi-age, and cross-generational.

No more fill in the blank workbooks. Instead- moving vibrant cartoons on the big screen, hilarious grab and read skits, original (Bible verbatim) scripture songs, and some of the most interactive art youíve ever seen. Bible Song engages the whole body as a learning tool.

Oh, and if youíre a church that struggles to find Sunday school musicians, you have nothing to worry about! All of the music is imbedded right into the PowerPoint slides!

Bible Song will also give you the tools to pull parents into the process.

In our model, parents are challenged, but more importantly, equipped with an easy step by step nightly process we call the FAITH5 Home Huddle. These five simple steps help parents discuss matters of faith with their kids help hold families together in a world that can tear them apart. The Bible Song Home Journals are your best tool for helping families commit to this nightly faith practice. Check out the Journal link to the left.

Connecting church to home is not only possible but achievable with these time-tested tools!

Watch this short video for a sneak peak!

The Bible Song Vision -- Every Week at Church

  • Imagine kids who canít wait to come to Sunday School
  • Imagine 3rd graders who not only know the stories of Noah and Moses and Jesus, but know the stories of Ezra, Tabitha, Agrippa, and Nehemiah!
  • Imagine 6th graders who can sing and do American Sign Language for 75 Bible verses from memory
  • Imagine students entering confirmation being Biblically literate and knowing the narrative
  • Imagine teachers and leaders so fired up they would not miss a Sunday!
  • Imagine a curriculum that is full of music and requires no musicians!

The Bible Song Vision -- Every Night in Every Home

  • Imagine families who wouldnít dream of ending the day without FAITH5, their nightly check-in
  • Imagine families going deeper into the Bible stories through online games and songs
  • Imagine 5th grade boys leading their family prayers
  • Imagine preschoolers teaching Bible verses to their parents
  • Imagine children growing into teenagers who talk to their parents about the real stuff of life
  • Imagine children who go to bed each night knowing they are blessed
  • Imagine parents who can sleep in peace knowing that they are blessed
  • Imagine families whose entire lives are grounded in the foundation of their faith

You don't have to imagine it. It is possible with Bible Song!

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If you have any questions about the Bible Song system, please contact Faith Inkubators at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.


Paintings by He Qi