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Bible Song Cross+Gen + Bible Song Journals

Bible Song Journals- Limited Time Discounted Price!

Limited time offer: Bible Song Journals have been discounted from $19.95 to just $9.95 as an introductory offer with Bible Song Cross+Gen! These journals are an amazing tool for use both at church and at home.

At Church:

• Participants can follow along with the story, as each journal is beautifully illustrated with the same cartoons seen in the PowerPoint Presentation.
• Families can use their Journal to play the “Name that Verse” game and tally their score!
• Families can use the Journal to review the story in FAITH5 Small Group Time.

At Home:

• Participants can use the Journal to review the story each night.
• Journals serve as a daily reminder, helping each home to stay committed to the FAITH5 nightly check-in.
• Journals become a memory book, as they use the space provided to journal their daily high & lows and prayers.
• Inside each Bible story chapter are secret codes called FINKlinks that can access online games and activities. There are songs, games and American Sign Language videos for every Bible story.

If your church budget allows, consider gifting households with these journals as a way to send the message that FAITH5 every night at home is important and expected.

Or consider purchasing a few that can be passed around on the first day so people can flip through them. Then simply pass a clipboard for folks to sign up to order one.

To view a sample chapter, simply click here (PDF).

The Bible Song Journals

*15 Scripture Cartoons Included in Each Journal*

Book of Moses Cover

Old Testament #1:
The Books of Moses

(More Information )

Into the Promised Land Journal Cover

Old Testament #2:
Into the Promised Land

(More Information)

Book of Moses Cover

Old Testament #3:
The Songs of Israel

(More Information )

Book of Moses Cover

New Testament #1:
The Good News

(More Information )

Word Spreads

New Testament #2:
Word Spreads
(More Information)




If you have any questions about the Bible Song system, please contact us at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.

Paintings by He Qi