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The Old Testament Journal #3 :
The Songs of Israel

Lost sheep. Scattered seeds. Late night visitors. Buried treasure. Wedding feasts with empty seats. Houses built on rock and sand. Jesus knew how to tell stories. Some people were delighted by his enduring parables. Others saw them as dangerous and wanted him dead!

Humor, vibrance and the delightful drawings of a pastor who never grew up come together in this unique blend of the parables of Jesus and 15 key Psalms.



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The Songs of Israel Home Journal

The Songs of Israel
included chapters

Verse Reference

The Great Escape

Psalm 4:8

In My Father's House

Psalm 8:1-6

Songs, Psalms and Seeds

Psalm 22:27, 29-31

The Lost Sheep

Psalm 23:1-8

The Rich Fool

Psalm 25:4-7

The Wedding Feast

Psalm 34:1-8

A Friend in the Night

Psalm 42:1,5

Two Guys in the Temple

Psalm 51:3, 4, 6

House on a Rock

Psalm 56:3

The Two Sons

Psalm 61:1-5, 8

Clever Bridesmaids

Psalm 90:4-5, 9-10a, c, 12

The Grumblin' Grape Growers


The Two Debtors

Psalm 103:11-12

Buried Treasure

Psalm 119:9, 11, 105, 122:1

The Rich Man and Lazarus

Psalm 139:7-14


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