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Faith Stepping Stones + What Is Included?


What do I get as a Faith Stepping Stones Member?

Theme Sets:
Each Stone comes with the necessary PowerPoint™ presentations, Leader's Guide, Small Group Handouts, Blessing Service liturgy, and music that are needed for you to create a memorable experience for parents and their children. These Theme Sets are customizable to fit your church's specific needs. Each Stone is designed in three sessions, with the exception of Stone 4 (My Bible) which is 8 sessions.

PowerPoint™ Presentations:
No workbooks or textbooks. We are talking multimedia! Each theme set includes a full series of PowerPoint™ slides designed to outline your entire theme experience and make it fun, visual, animated and alive.

Leader's Toolbox:
This is where you will find the Member Manual and several other documents to help you make the most of Faith Stepping Stones.

Each theme includes an NRSV verbatim theme song, turning the Bible into your hymn book. The songs are embedded into karaoke-style movies in the PowerPoint™ presentation. Lyric sheets and full piano scores are also included. Theme songs are available for purchase as digital downloads or as music CDs from our online store.

Order Faith Stepping Stones

If you have any questions about the Faith Stepping Stones system, please contact us at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.

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