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We had our first Theme Night of the year last night using the "Stewardship of Time" as our opener. None of the kids wanted to go home. - Pastor Angie Witmer - Plymouth UCC - Des Moines, IA

Head to the Heart + About Head to the Heart

Teach better. Keep the kids. Equip parents.

"I have been using the Faith Inkubators' Head to Heart resources for my confirmation instruction for over a decade. I have found it to be the best format and approach to confirmation instruction that I have discovered in my 30 years of pastoral ministry." — Rev. David Benson, Senior Pastor, Campus Lutheran Church (LCMS), Columbia, MO

The Purpose: Teach Better. Keep More Kids. Equip Parents.
Head to the Heart resources are a complete, parent-involved, small group ministry approach that challenge churches and parents to change confirmation class from simply instruction to ministry.

Teach Better
Head to the Heart includes customizable, "back-to-the-basics" lessons using the Bible as the main textbook. Music, PowerPoint presentations, art, skits, stories and cartoons are provided as supplements. In short, H2H resources equip pastors with presentation tools to engage kids and make what is being taught sticky to the adolescent mind.

Keep the Kids Around After Confirmation Day
To a kid, friends are of the utmost importance. Head to the Heart intentionally harnesses the power of these friendships within small groups, building a network of care at church as the context for learning. This bonding gives groups the connective power to stay together long after Confirmation Day has come and gone.

Equip Parents for Ministry at Home
In Head to the Heart, we also head to the home. In our model, parents are challenged, but more importantly, equipped with an easy step by step nightly process we call the FAITH5 Home Huddle. These five simple steps help parents discuss matters of faith with their kids and strengthen family bonds. The H2H Journals are your best tool for helping families commit to this nightly faith practice. Check out the H2H Journal link to the left.

More Information
To learn more about Head to the Heart and the Head to the Heart journals, follow the links to the left. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@faithink.com or toll-free at 888.55FAITH.

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