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Head to the Heart + Frequently Asked Questions

Head to the Heart FAQs

Q1: How long is the membership year?
H2H membership follows the academic year, starting on September 1 and expiring on August 31 of the following year. Please carefully read the Head to the Heart Membership Terms and Conditions for more information about membership renewal and cancellation.

Q2: Why do you ask for verification of our average weekly worship attendance (AWWA)?
H2H membership fees are based on a church’s average weekly worship attendance (AWWA). Smaller churches pay less and larger churches pay more because typically, smaller churches have fewer students than larger churches. Verification of AWWA ensures the most accurate number, as most recently submitted to your church’s denominational headquarters. Inaccurate AWWA numbers result in some churches paying more than they should and some churches paying less. By asking for verification, there is built-in fairness and accountability—for you and for us.

Q3: How many lessons/themes do I need to cover in a year?
Most churches use H2H from the fall through the spring. Allowing for holidays, school vacations, and varying church calendars, this usually means 18-20 themes per academic year. Of course, you gain access to all 90+ H2H lessons, so if you need more than 20 themes per year, there are plenty from which to choose. And with access to all 90+ H2H lessons, you can use them for retreats, lock-ins, senior high ministry, and even adult education and Cross+Generational opportunities!

Q4: What are the Head to the Heart journals?
Head to the Heart journals are designed to upgrade the Confirmation experience at church by providing pre-printed, enhanced lesson pages for each learner. Each journal contains ten lessons that parallel Head to the Heart’s themes. The H2H journals are a significantly more interactive, full-color alternative to the Youth Handout from each H2H lesson. Each journal becomes both a record of the subjects covered and a journal-style keepsake reminder of the youth’s highs, lows, and prayers during their confirmation years. The journals also provide families with talking points to promote nightly home faith talk. H2H journals are an effective way to “bring confirmation home” by providing a non-threatening, easy-to-follow format (the FAITH5) that helps even the most apprehensive parents become leaders of regular faith talk.

Q5: If we use the H2H journals, do I still need to print out the Youth Handout?
No. That’s the beauty of the journals. Not only are they an enhancement to your Confirmation program, they are a time-saver as well. The H2H journals eliminate the need to print and distribute handouts and build students packets. With the journals, it’s all done for you!

Q6: I love the idea of involving parents at home, but how will I get parents to say yes?
Included in your support resources are incredible time tested materials for parent meetings. Parents will engage in an interactive process that will lead them to say yes to practicing faith every night in their home. Countless churches have succeeded with these resources.

Q7: What do mean when you say Head to the Heart is a system, not just a curriculum?
Head to the Heart is about more than “traditional” confirmation instruction­—it is a complete ministry system that incorporates service, fellowship, journaling, peer relationships, adult Guides and home faith talk into the mix.

Q8: The system looks pretty involved. Do I need a lot of training?
If you love God, like kids and are willing to do some reading and networking, you’ll do great! The Head to the Heart Member Manual and support files contain all the information you will need to be successful. And the H2H Guide Training Manual has a wealth of information and tips so you can train your own volunteers! Check the Faith Inkubators website at www.faithink.com for the latest on in-person training and online training videos. You might also consider bringing a Head to the Heart trainer to your area. Contact info@faithink.com for more information.

Q9: What if I want to cancel?
You can cancel your H2H membership at any time and for any reason. In doing so, you agree to stop using all H2H resources and intellectual property. Membership fees are not prorated for early cancellation. Please refer to the membership terms and conditions for detailed information about membership.

More Information

To learn more about Head to the Heart and the new Head to the Heart Journals, follow the links to the left. If you have any questions, please contact us at info@faithink.com or toll-free at 888.55FAITH.

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