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Faith Inkubators + Head to the Heart™ Confirmation Ministry

Teach the content better. Keep the kids around after Confirmation Day. Equip parents for ministry at home with FAITH5™. Head to the Heart helps you take confirmation further.

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Head to the Heart (H2H) will help your teenagers discover that learning about God can be fun! H2H helps revolutionize confirmation from lecture/classroom to the very best relational/experiential model of confirmation. H2H is based on the latest in adolescent brain research, helping kids retain the info and helping churches retain the kids!

H2H combines current life with Biblical truths, creating critical thinking, deep caring, faithful young people. It features art, music, skits, and gameshows, while building lasting caring relationships at church. Blend learning, Christian service and fellowship with our time-tested system.

H2H membership gives you access to all 90 PowerPoint based lessons for one membership year. Of course, no church can use all 90 lessons in one year, but having access to them all gives you the freedom to teach the themes you deem most important for your confirmation program. You can also use the lessons for retreats, camps, lock-ins, Sr. High ministry, and even adult education! The annual membership year runs from September 1 through August 31 of the following year. H2H resources begin to ship mid-June, giving you the summer months for planning.

Want to get the most out of H2H? Purchase H2H journals for each of your students and Guides. Each 10-lesson theme set has a corresponding H2H journal. Journals are great for use during small group time at church (replacing the printable handouts) and for connecting church to home. Use both the Journals and the Parent Recruitment materials provided to pull parents into the process every night in every home with FAITH5 Home Huddles. It’s not only possible but achievable with these time-tested tools!

In addition to receiving your Head to the Heart resources on discs, you will also have 24/7 online access from any computer with an internet connection. And of course, you always have access to the Faith Inkubators staff by phone and email.

We are confident that H2H is the best resource for teaching the way an adolescent’s brain learns, and achieving the goal of faith incubation every week at church and every night in every home.

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<<< Be sure to check out the links on the left for more important information about Head to the Heart (H2H).


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