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Faith Stepping Stones + The Eight Stones

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Faith Stepping Stones’ eight parenting and family development courses effectively integrate and deepen communication, care and prayer into a natural family faith practice, the FAITH5, beginning with babies and continuing through graduation. Each course will:

  • Lead parents through their child’s physical, emotional and spiritual development and needs, as well as their own.
  • Teach parents a simple, effective and non-threatening way to initiate regular home devotions.
  • Equip parents as confident, effective faith mentors for their child.
  • Help congregations and families celebrate eight “Stepping Stones” in the faith life and development of the child by providing them with a special blessing service that brings families back to the altar to recommit to their faith journey together.

An Introduction to Faith Stepping Stones

Stone 1: Healthy Baby Three (3) sessions on physical, emotional and spiritual needs of infants and their parents. Parents are also taught how to do a nightly blessing as a family faith practice.

Stone 2: Healthy Preschooler Three (3) sessions on physical, emotional and spiritual needs of preschoolers and their parents. Parents are taught to add prayer to the nightly blessing as a faith practice.

Stone 3: Entering School Three (3) sessions on physical, emotional and spiritual needs of kindergartners and their parents. Parents are taught to share Highs & Lows with their children, and add it to their nightly prayers and blessing.

Stone 4: My Bible Eight (8) sessions highlighting 120 key verses in young readers’ Bibles. Youth and parents commit to read a Bible verse nightly, and continue with Highs & Lows, prayer and blessing nightly.

Stone 5: Holy Communion Three (3) sessions from Passover to Lord’s Supper, with nightly confession and absolution added to the faith practices of Bible reading, Highs & Lows, prayer and blessing.

Stone 6: Surviving Adolescence Three (3) sessions on "Surviving Adolescence" where youth and parents learn and commit to the art of theological reflection (i.e. setting the Bible verse and the Highs & Lows of the day together to ask "What is God saying to us today?"), and adding this to the previous faith practices of confession/absolution, Bible reading, Highs & Lows, prayer and blessing continue.

Stone 7: Confirmation Three (3) sessions where youth and parents look at their confession, their confirmation, and their call.

Stone 8: Graduation Three (3) sessions spread over the fall, winter, and spring where seniors and their parents look back God’s blessings, look to the moment, and look to the future of their new callings.

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If you have any questions about the Faith Stepping Stones system, please contact us at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.


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