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We have families joining, kids bringing their friends (even if it’s only once), and kids saying “Why can’t we have H2H even though it’s a school holiday?” and kids saying “Can we have H2H over the summer, too?” - Pastor Alison Shane - Faith Lutheran - Poulsbo, WA

Bible Song Cross+Gen + About

Gathering Generations Together. Blending Worship and Education. Connecting Church and Home.

Bible Song

Thank you for choosing Bible Song Cross+Gen. Faith Inkubators is thrilled to provide you with tools to help you create a time and space where people of all generations come together in faith. The system of Bible Song Cross+Gen is the result of more than twenty years of Faith Inkubators’ creating, testing, tweaking, listening and redesigning. Bible Song will help you build a fun and life-giving Cross+Generational ministry.

Here’s what you get:

PowerPoint Presentation: Teach each theme with a fun and colorful audiovisual presentation. Each PowerPoint Presentation includes Scripture songs, cartoons, Reader’s Theater, prayers, blessings and a whole lot more!

Reader’s Theater Script: Laugh your way through a humorous Reader’s Theater skit based on the cartoon Bible story.

Scripture Songs: Listen, learn, sing, and sign the theme Scripture verse into long-term memory. The Scripture songs are embedded in the PowerPoint Presentation as a karaoke style movie. No musicians needed!

Scripture Song with American Sign Language: Your Leadership Team will learn and then teach key words in American Sign Language using the Sign Language Tutorial provided. Sign language is a great tool for using muscle memory to learn.

Photo-Reproducible Handouts: Enjoy these cartoon Bible stories, Scripture music games and home devotion suggestions.

“Art Attack” Activities: Reinforce each lesson with art, theater and music projects that will engage people of all ages in the theme Bible story.

FINKlink Online Codes: Each Bible Song theme contains a unique code which, when entered into the special portal on the Faith Inkubators website, gives access to online Bible learning games, music, art and family devotions.

Bible Book Rap: Two fun rap songs, making it easy to learn the books of the Old and New Testament. As with the Scripture songs, they are embedded in the PowerPoint presentation as a karaoke style movie.

Piano Scores & Lead Sheets: Use this sheet music to bring Scripture songs into worship, or as a live alternative to the embedded karaoke style movie.

Learning Games: Teach the Bible stories and Scripture verses with “Name That Verse” and two fun memory match games.

Bible Song Manual: Implement Bible Song Cross+Gen and build a great ministry team with this easy-to-use resource to get you up and running.

Vibrant Bible Paintings: Inspire your budding artists through the work of Christian artist, Dr. He Qi.

Bible Song Brain Theory: Understand the theory and research behind Bible Song with a basic “crash course” in teaching the way the brain learns by Dr. Rich Melheim, designer of the Bible Song Cross+Gen system.

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If you have any questions about the Bible Song system, please contact Faith Inkubators at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.


Paintings by He Qi