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Faith Stepping Stones + Healthy Baby

Stone 1

Stone #1: Healthy Baby

A three-session course for young parents (and those expecting) in the church and community.

Video: Healthy Baby

What is the purpose of this Stone?

• To teach parents to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs
of their baby

• To teach parents to nurture their own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs during this stressful period.

• To spawn the formation of a supportive small group network for young

• To call parents to add the practice of blessing babies and putting them to
sleep with music featuring God’s Word to their nightly bedtime ritual

What Sessions are included with this Stone?

Session 1: Infant Physical Development
Parents learn about the physical and developmental needs of an infant in a "Basic Baby" course.

Session 2: Infant Emotional Development
The emotional needs of both baby and parent are explored and discussed.

Session 3: Infant Spiritual Development
A short Bible study explores the concept of blessing.

Additional Details on Stone #1:

For most parents, during the first few hours after birth as they hold that precious new baby in their arms, even the harshest critics of the church are often touched with wonder and mystery at such a miracle. It is said the hardest day in an atheist’s life is when she finds herself profoundly thankful and has no one to thank.

With Stepping Stone 1: Raising a Healthy Baby, young parents spend three weeks together sharing, laughing and growing as they learn about their babies’ physical, emotional and spiritual health…as well as their own, and finishing the course with a group blessing of the babies at the altar in worship. At that time, the church can also invite them into a new parents’ small group fellowship with the people they’ve met through this course.

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If you have any questions about the Faith Stepping Stones system, please contact us at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.

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