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Faith Stepping Stones + Healthy Preschooler

Stone 2

Stone #2: Healthy Preschooler

A three-session course for parents of preschoolers in the church and community.

Video: Healthy Preschooler

What is the purpose of this Stone?

• To teach parents to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their preschooler

• To teach parents to nurture their own physical, emotional, and spiritual needs in the process.

• To spawn the formation of a supportive small group network for these parents

• To call parents to add the practice of praying with their little ones to their nightly bedtime ritual of blessing their children and putting them to sleep with music that features God’s Word

What Sessions are included with this Stone?

Session 1: Preschooler Physical Development
Parents explore how to care for the physical and emotional needs of their children.

Session 2: Preschooler Emotional Development
Parents explore how to protect their own physical and emotional health now that their baby is mobile.

Session 3: Preschooler Spiritual Development
Parents are taught some simple prayer techniques to use with their little ones.

Additional Details on Stone #2:

A child’s transition from infant to toddler to full-blown preschooler is a period of constant discovery for parent and child alike. From the child’s perspective, virtually everything he or she encounters – from the most mundane task to the most unique occurrence – is happening for the first time. Even the most experienced parent cannot help but be touched observing their child’s innocent wonder at the way an ice cube melts, or the way a baby bird is fed by its mother…or even their child’s pride at successfully mastering (most of the times, anyway) the use of the toilet.

With Stepping Stone 2: Raising a Healthy Preschooler, young parents spend three weeks together sharing, laughing and growing as they learn about their preschoolers’ physical, emotional and spiritual health…as well as their own. The course concludes with a group blessing of the preschoolers at the altar in worship. At that time, the church can also invite participants into a young families’ small group fellowship with the people they’ve met through this course.

Order Stone #2
Order Stone #2

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If you have any questions about the Faith Stepping Stones system, please contact us at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.



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