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Faith Stepping Stones + Entering School


Stone #3: Entering School

A three-session course for parents in the church and community.

Stepping Stone #3: Entering School

What is the purpose of this Stone?


• To teach parents to care for the physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of their kindergartners

• To spawn the formation of a supportive small group network for these parents

• To add the sharing of Highs & Lows to the family bed time ritual of prayer, blessing, and putting children to sleep with music that features God’s Word

What Sessions are included with this Stone?


Session 1: Physical Development
Parents explore how to care for their growing child.

Session 2: Emotional Development
Parents explore how to protect the emotional health both of their children and themselves.

Session 3: Spiritual Development
Parents are taught to share Highs & Lows with their children each day.

Additional Details on Stone #3:

The whole world changes (for both of you) when your little one goes off to school. Setting up a pattern for regular open, caring, communication between parent and child becomes extremely important at this stage.

With Stepping Stone 3: Entry Into School, along with a look at the physical, emotional and spiritual development of the child, parents and children are taught how to share their Highs & Lows with one another. The nightly prayer ritual takes on a personal dimension as the parents are taught how to turn the good and the bad of each day into prayers. Following the three week course, parents and children return to the altar to pledge to add Highs & Lows to their nightly ritual of prayer and blessing, and bedtime music that features the Word of God.

Order Stone #3
Order Stone #3

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