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Faith Stepping Stones + My Bible


Stone 4

Stone #4: My Bible

An eight-session course for children and their parents in the church and community.

Stepping Stone #4: My Bible

What is the purpose of this Stone?

• To teach the whole story of salvation by walking children and parents through the Bible, highlighting 120 key Scripture passages from Genesis to Revelation

• To prepare a Bible for the next 120 nights of home devotions

• To add the reading of one Bible verse each night to the bedtime ritual of sharing of Highs & Lows, prayer, blessing, and putting children to sleep with music that features God’s Word

What Sessions are included with this Stone?

An eight-session "walk and sing" through the Bible with parents and children highlighting 120 key scriptures from Genesis to the Revelation:

Session 1: The Book of Moses
Session 2: Into the Promised Land
Session 3: The Songs of Israel
Session 4: Wisdom & Major Prophets
Session 5: The Minor Prophets
Session 6: The Gospels
Session 7: Paul’s Letters
Session 8: Universal Letters & The Revelation

Additional Details on Stone #4:

Many churches have the tradition of presenting Bibles to their children in 2nd or 3rd grade. This practice provides a wonderful opportunity to ritually celebrate the child, remind parents of their promises to God, and do some remedial Bible education at the same time. Don’t just place a book in a child’s hand; the goal of this stepping stone is to place the gift of family devotions into the families’ daily rituals.

Stepping Stone 4: Early Elementary: My Bible ends at the altar where parents are affirmed for keeping their promise to "place in their hands the Holy Scriptures" and asked to add "a verse a night" to the Highs & Lows, prayers, blessings, and bedtime music that features the World of God.

Order Stone #4
Order Stone #4

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If you have any questions about the Faith Stepping Stones system, please contact us at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.

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