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Faith Stepping Stones + Surviving Adolescence


Stone 6

Stone #6: Surviving Adolescence

A three-session course for teens and parents in the church and community.

Stepping Stone #6: Surviving Adolescence

What is the purpose of this Stone?

• To help parents and teens to begin the adolescent years with a "survival plan" that includes healthy listening skills

• To recruit, train, and motivate a parent team to serve as partners in your confirmation program

• To add a deeper theological reflection and intercessory prayer to the nightly ritual of Highs & Lows, confession and absolution, reading a Bible verse, prayer, blessing, and putting teens to sleep with music that features God’s Word

What Sessions are included with this Stone?

Three sessions that address the key issues facing teens and their parents - and how these issues can place a tremendous strain on their relationship - are explored within the context of preparing for the teen’s entry into adolescence:

Session 1: The Cow & the Haystack (Pressure, Support & Impact Adults)Help parents and their teens understand how societal pressures and support structures are different than they were a generation ago.
Session 2: A Parent’s Dream
Help parents and their teens articulate their dream relationship and take specific steps to make that dream a reality.
Session 3: "Highs & Lows" & the Art of Theological Reflection
Help parents and their teens to understand the importance of nightly communication and to commit to applying God’s Word to their highs and lows every night.

Additional Details on Stone #6:

Making a big deal about entry into your church’s official confirmation programs provides a great opportunity to call both parents and teens to recommit to making their nightly home huddle their main family priority during the often turbulent "adolescent" or "hormonal" years.

For those congregations utilizing Faith Inkubators’ Head to the Heart Confirmation system, each parent will also be commissioned as faith mentor for their own children at this time, with many also being commissioned as adult participants in the Confirmation program - as small group Guides, as members of the Creative Team, and so on - offering those who accept the call a tremendous opportunity to further cement a positive relationship with their teen during the teen’s adolescent years..

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If you have any questions about the Faith Stepping Stones system, please contact us at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.

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