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Faith Stepping Stones + Confirmation


Stone 7

Stone #7: Confirmation

A three-session course for teens and parents in the church and community.

Stepping Stone #7: Confirmation

What is the purpose of this Stone?


• To prepare youth to make a public confession of their faith, affirming/confirming what they believe

• To prepare youth and parents to accept a specific call to ministry along with their small group

• To call youth and parents to continue their nightly rituals of Highs & Lows, confession and absolution, Scripture, theological reflection, intercessory prayer, blessing, and going to sleep with music featuring God’s Word

What Sessions are included with this Stone?


Three sessions designed to transform the confirmation ritual from the day when most youth say "goodbye" to the church into the day that a small group of friends, along with their Guide, are commissioned into a specific ministry of the church:

Session 1: My Confession
Lead confirmands to review the basics of the Christian faith.
Session 2: The Promises of Confirmation
Lead confirmands to review the six vows of Confirmation.
Session 3: My Calling
Lead confirmands to articulate their beliefs and lead small groups to choose a "Ministry of Sacred Service" to begin the week following Confirmation.

Additional Details on Stone #7:

At Faith Inkubators, we define Youth Ministry as "youth doing ministry", not "youth doing programs", and ask no one to take on a greater responsibility in the life of the church unless we have first set structures and people in place to help them fulfill their vows. On confirmation day, the gowns and flowers of the traditional confirmation service need not be scrapped. Youth now feel comfortable and casual enough about coming to the altar to be blessed that they can do so without equating this process with graduation.

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If you have any questions about the Faith Stepping Stones system, please contact us at info@faithink.com or 888-55FAITH.

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